RSI: Remote Simultaneous Interpretation




対応OS:iOS 13以降 / Android 6.0以降

対応ブラウザ:iOS Safari / Android Chrome









1 管理者から送られてきたURLをタップ。

2 するとブラウザが立ち上がりました。

3 Select the Languageから通訳を聞きたい言語を選択し[Play]をタップ。

4 interpreteXのサーバーに接続中です。

5 接続が確立されたら[Play]をタップして通訳を聞いて下さい。 

6 音声が途切れたら[Reload]→[Play]で再接続、[Disconnect]で終了です。


  • イベントに参加する前にかならずスマートフォンのOSは最新のバージョンに更新して下さい。
  • 音が途切れたり切断が繰り返される場合はWi-Fiをオフにして携帯回線でお聞き下さい。
  • Bluetoothイヤフォンをお使いの場合音声に途切れが発生する事があります。その場合は有線イヤフォンをお使い下さい。
  • Waitingから[Play]に遷移しない場合、通訳がまだ配信されていません。配信されるまでお待ち下さい。






Anyone reading the blog have experience? I rented a simultaneous interpretation system receiver, sat down, and found that the battery was dead. It was embarrassing to go out to rent a new receiver in a quiet venue. But with interpreteX, you don't have to worry about that. You can listen to simultaneous interpretation on your smartphone. What's more, just tap the URL to launch the internet browser and listen to the interpretation. Yes, you don't even need an app!


Supported OS: iOS 13 or later / Android 6.0 or later

Supported browsers: iOS Safari / Android Chrome

Internet speed: 256kbps or higher

Data communication amount: ≒40MB/h

Battery consumption: ≒8%/h (iPhoneXS)




First, connect your earphones to your smartphone.


  1. Tap the URL sent by the Administrator.
  2. Then the browser was launched.
  3. Select the language you want to hear interpretation from [Select the Language] and tap [PLAY].
  4. Connecting to interpreteX server.
  5. When the connection is established, tap [Play] and listen to the interpretation. 
  6. When you are disconnected, tap [Reload] to display [Play], then tap to reconnect, and [Disconnect] to finish.


One point!

  • Be sure to update your smartphone OS to the latest version before attending the event.
  • If you do not transition from [Waiting] to [Play], the interpreter has not been delivered yet. Please wait until it is delivered.
  • If you experience audio interruptions or disconnects repeatedly, turn Wi-Fi off and listen on your 4G mobile line.
  • When using a Bluetooth headset, noise may occur. Please use wired earphones.


Download Instruction Manual!